The Jerry Hughes Blues

Fans tend to fall into one of two categories: the hater and the believer. The hater hates cuz he’s gonna hate, while the believer figures out how to justify the kool-aid you’re asking him to drink. If I had to choose one, I would say I am a believer. And, that’s why I’m in an unusual position. That is, I have to put a hater cap on for the moment, and criticize a roster move the Buffalo Bills made today.

The Bills signed Jerry Hughes to an extension totalling 45 million over 5 years. At first blush, 9 million per looks pretty ridiculous. But of course, this is the NFL and taking a contract at face value is naive. That’s what is for.

IMG_1379 (1)

Based on the contract details, it looks like the Jerry Hughes signing isn’t a good one. His cap hit isn’t so bad for the first two years, 6.175 and 7.575 respectively. But then it balloons to 10.45 in the third year, and 10.4 in the last two years. Not to mention, the dead cap hits are untenable for the first three years. In 2017 cutting Hughes wouldn’t even save two million off the cap. All in all, it looks like the Bills are doing everything they can to make it difficult to sign Marcell Dareus.

Yes, that last sentence was ridiculous. I was just trying to say something a “hater” would say — a hater take if you will. But take out the hyperbole, and what you’re left with is, is a contract that will make it more difficult to resign Marcell Dareus.

Case in point: Dareus is a free agent next year. The Bills will have a bit of cap room because of the backloaded contract they gave Jerry Hughes, but how do the Bills work in a signing of Dareus over the long-term? In 2015 Hughes’ cap hit is 7.575, in 2016 it’s 10.45. Even if the Bills backload the Dareus contract, they can’t release Hughes with any substantial cap savings until 2018.

How is this all going to work?

As a reluctant hater, I think I’m right. As a true believer, I hope I’m wrong.

Podcast Episode 14: “He [Ditka] Would Never Go Inside A Starbucks.”

Two podcasts this week? I know. I actually recorded this one on Monday, but I delayed after the LeSean McCoy insanity happened.

Anyways, I talk to Brad Macdonald, who “almost won a journalist award” for his excellent coverage of Rob Ford’s mayoral run. Alongside his political coverage, he’s a Leaf and Packers fan. We talk a bunch about the trade deadline — namely the banghazi scandal at TSN — and eventually get into some football talk.

Follow his very active twitter feed at @bradmac91.
Listen below

Talking points: 

  • I make a multi-cam sitcom style joke re: banghazi (30 seconds in)
  • Was it an intern who did it? Did they forget to filter out the word bang? Or is TSN’s non-sentient bot at fault? Personally, I blame the good for nothin’ bot. And immigration. (1 minute in)
  • Obligatory NSA reference. (4 minutes in)
  • Brad talks about how two Leaf players have blocked him. Listen to find out. (6 minutes in)
  •  I defend TMZ. More so, because of their coverage of the Ray Rice Scandal, not so much for their celeb butt posts. (14 minutes in)
  • I go on a rant, manage to fit in a question at the end of it. HOW DOES MIKE MCCARTHY STILL HAVE A JOB? (21 minutes in)
  • Mike McCarthy, Bill Belichick, Mike Ditka, Starbucks. (29 minutes in)
  • We finally talk about the Buffalo Bills. I torment him re: Bills/Packers game. (32 minutes in)
  • We discuss free agent options for the Bills and Packers. Peyton Hillis anyone?

* Any clips used in the podcast are fair use. I make absolutely no money off this podcast — actually lose some, really.


Podcast Episode 13: “LeSean McCoy Trade.”

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On this week’s episode, Alex Jones and I, freak out about the LeSean McCoy trade. Eventually we get to making up trade ideas that would have seemed preposterous yesterday.

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* Any clips used in the podcast are fair use. I make absolutely no money off this podcast — actually lose some, really.

Lesean McCoy For Kiko Alonso


Those were the first words out of my mouth after I heard.

Adam Schefter reports the Bills have traded for star running back LeSean McCoy. Leaving Buffalo for the Philadelphia Eagles is Kiko Alonso.  And, if Adam Schefter says it’s going to happen, it’s definitely happening. And, if it doesn’t, well my, and Schefter’s, credibility will go down the drain.

Speaking of credibility, Jason LaCanfora is at it again.

Anyways, I am not sure how I feel about this trade. In lieu of a coherent argument, I present to you my thoughts in bullet points.

  • What I like best about this trade, is that, it is a trade. NFL trades like this don’t happen often; moments like this make me wish it did.
  • This hurts the Bills cap for this season. Using my rough calculations, I estimate that it will go from 30 million to, like, 15. Goodbye Mike Iupati.
  • Then again McCoy is equal to a very good free agent.
  • Why not sign DeMarco Murray?
  • Why not trade for Adrian Peterson? Save Kiko Alonso for a rainy day.
  • Mike Vick is faster than LeSean McCoy and that’s why the Buffalo Bills should sign Vick as a backup to EJ Manuel.
  • Isn’t this a deep running back class?
  • Trading Kiko Alonso makes sense. The Bills are flush with linebackers. Easy position to replace. It’s not like he’s Chuck Norris, or something.


What am I even thinking, this is a good trade. I mean, the Bills just got LeSean ‘Freakin’ McCoy.


Please Don’t Re-sign Jerry Hughes

On WGR550 the other day, Joe Buscaglia was pleading with the Buffalo Bills to re-sign Jerry Hughes. Buscaglia made some good points to back up his plea, one of which was that Hughes “is an ascending player.” It’s true, he is. Seems pretty obvious, then, right?

No it’s not.

I’m gonna make this real simple. The Buffalo Bills have other ascending players whose contracts are up in the next two seasons like Marcell Dareus, Stephon Gilmore and Cordy Glenn. Ask yourself, is there any player on this that is worth losing for Jerry Hughes?


Quite simply, re-signing Hughes would be a luxury the Buffalo Bills can’t afford. There is no doubting his abilities, but he is the 4th best player on the Bills d-line. The three players above are all the best at their positions on the team.

Please don’t re-sign Jerry Hughes. It’s really not a good idea for an ascending team.

Podcast Episode 12: “Bud Dupree”

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On this week’s episode, Alex and I, discuss how the Oscars relate to the NFL combine. Eventually we talk about the Buffalo Bills draft and realize it’s a good year to be sans first round pick.

Talking points: 

  • Obligatory NSA reference . (1 minute in)
  • Have I been talking to Alex Jones, freedom fighter? (1 minute in)
  •  Alex finally makes the connection… re: why he wanted to bring up the Oscars on a football podcast. (4 minutes in)
  • Alex compares the academy snubbing Al Pacino in Godfather 2 to the Oakland Raiders drafting Jamarcus Russell first overall. (6 minutes in)
  • I read out’s definition of “character.” (10 minutes in)
  • We talk about the difference between the NCAA and the CHL. (18 minutes in)
  • I go on a Madden 15 franchise mode tangent. Get to know my star QB, Heath Peppers. (23 minutes in)
  • We start talking about Bud Dupree. Things get insane. Alex, may or may not, have confused Bud Dupree with Daniel Jeremiah. (24 minutes in)
  • We consider the fact that Doug Whaley made the Sammy Watkins trade knowing the first round this year would be mediocre. (37 Minutes in)
  • We say goodbye to Jameis Winston. (50 minutes in)

* Any clips used in the podcast are fair use. I make absolutely no money off this podcast — actually lose some, really.

Buffalo Bills Bills Draft 1.0: Six Guys Available At 50

Below are 5 guys who could be available for the Bills in the second round.

1. Dorial Green-Beckham WR 

Right now, it doesn’t look all that likely Green-Beckham falls, but I feel that changes after the combine. Once teams start to overanalyze special athletes, and convince themselves that some studious receiver could be the next Chris Hogan, Beckham will drop to the second round of mocks.

If he’s there, the Bills have to take him. Sure they’ve got problems elsewhere, like the offensive line. But they should figure that shit out in free agency, because they aren’t finding a Green-Beckham type they can pay the rookie scale to on the free market.

2. Maxx Williams TE

Let me say this first: I love Scott Chandler. After seeing him catch, and drop, many BB gun bullets down the middle from Ryan Fitzpatrick, Chandlers earned his contract. But since this NFL monopoly money we are playing with, his 3.8 million dollar cap hit is likely to go.

This is where Maxx Williams comes in. He will probably be a first rounder once the draft comes around, but here’s hoping he can stick around deep into the second. He’s just what the Bills need, and even cheaper than Chandler. God bless cost control for billion dollar owners.

3. TJ Yeldon RB

Do the Bills need a running back with Fred Jackson and Bryce Brown signed for next year? I would say so. Fred Jackson will become the Bills running backs coach any day now, and Bryce Brown has fumbled twice this offseason. Yeldon has some fumble issues of his own apparently, but in the second round, he’s the best, and likeliest option.

4. Hau’oli Kikaha DE

I really wanted to include Vic Beasley on this list, but after his excellent combine, the dream is over. I like Hau’oli Kikaha, if only because of a Youtube video entitled, Hau’oli Kikaha – Sackmaster. The soundtrack features the following lyrics.

Standing in the hall of fame (yeah)
And the world’s gonna know your name (yeah)
‘Cause you burn with the brightest flame (yeah)
And the world’s gonna know your name (yeah)
And you’ll be on the walls of the hall of fame

Not sure if he’s a hall of fame-r, but I’m pretty sure “The Sackmaster” would look competent on a line with Dareus, and the Williams’ brothers.

BONUS: Kikaha sports a mane reminiscent of Troy Polamalu.



5. Garrett Grayson QB

Originally I left quarterback off this list, but I changed my mind. None of the quarterbacks available in the 2nd deserve a selection this high, but this list felt empty without involving a quarterback.

Let’s say the Bills are dead set on taking a quarterback in the second round, and Grayson, Petty, and Hundley are available, the Bills should take Garrett Grayson. Petty and Hundley might be better fits under, what we think, is Greg Roman’s preference for mobile quarterback. If Roman doesn’t actually have a preference, and wants a changeup off the bench. With Grayson, the Bills have an option if the mobile EJ Manuel can’t Hackett next season.


Podcast Episode 11: “Runs Good Routes”

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Super early NFL draft talk!

Who better to talk draft than with Alex Jones, aka Bills Draft guru. Last time I had him on the podcast, we recorded an entire episode of material that became largely irrelevant because of Doug Marrone’s hasty exit from One Bills Drive. That won’t happen this time — the draft isn’t until late April.

Check out Alex’s work at buffalowdown.

Talking points: 

  • Leonard Williams 1st overall?  (10 seconds in)
  • Marriota concerns. (3 minutes in)
  • Will Vic Beasley fall to the 2nd round? (6 minutes in)
  • What if Amari Cooper falls to the Falcons? (9 minutes in)
  • TJ Yeldon vs. Bryce Brown (22 minutes in)
  • The NSA listens to our podcast. (21 minutes in)
  • Who would the Bills take if they still had their first rounder, according to Alex Jones. (25 minutes in)
  • We talk about Doug Marrone making a staffer cry. (33 minutes in)
  • Be gone Chris Hogan. (37 Minutes in)
  • The Bills need a big receiving option at WR or TE. (43 minutes in)

* Any clips used in the podcast are fair use. I make absolutely no money off this podcast — actually lose some, really.