Podcast Episode 12: “Bud Dupree”

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On this week’s episode, Alex and I, discuss how the Oscars relate to the NFL combine. Eventually we talk about the Buffalo Bills draft and realize it’s a good year to be sans first round pick.

Talking points: 

  • Obligatory NSA reference . (1 minute in)
  • Have I been talking to Alex Jones, freedom fighter? (1 minute in)
  •  Alex finally makes the connection… re: why he wanted to bring up the Oscars on a football podcast. (4 minutes in)
  • Alex compares the academy snubbing Al Pacino in Godfather 2 to the Oakland Raiders drafting Jamarcus Russell first overall. (6 minutes in)
  • I read out dictionary.com’s definition of “character.” (10 minutes in)
  • We talk about the difference between the NCAA and the CHL. (18 minutes in)
  • I go on a Madden 15 franchise mode tangent. Get to know my star QB, Heath Peppers. (23 minutes in)
  • We start talking about Bud Dupree. Things get insane. Alex, may or may not, have confused Bud Dupree with Daniel Jeremiah. (24 minutes in)
  • We consider the fact that Doug Whaley made the Sammy Watkins trade knowing the first round this year would be mediocre. (37 Minutes in)
  • We say goodbye to Jameis Winston. (50 minutes in)

* Any clips used in the podcast are fair use. I make absolutely no money off this podcast — actually lose some, really.

Buffalo Bills Bills Draft 1.0: Six Guys Available At 50

Below are 5 guys who could be available for the Bills in the second round.

1. Dorial Green-Beckham WR 

Right now, it doesn’t look all that likely Green-Beckham falls, but I feel that changes after the combine. Once teams start to overanalyze special athletes, and convince themselves that some studious receiver could be the next Chris Hogan, Beckham will drop to the second round of mocks.

If he’s there, the Bills have to take him. Sure they’ve got problems elsewhere, like the offensive line. But they should figure that shit out in free agency, because they aren’t finding a Green-Beckham type they can pay the rookie scale to on the free market.

2. Maxx Williams TE

Let me say this first: I love Scott Chandler. After seeing him catch, and drop, many BB gun bullets down the middle from Ryan Fitzpatrick, Chandlers earned his contract. But since this NFL monopoly money we are playing with, his 3.8 million dollar cap hit is likely to go.

This is where Maxx Williams comes in. He will probably be a first rounder once the draft comes around, but here’s hoping he can stick around deep into the second. He’s just what the Bills need, and even cheaper than Chandler. God bless cost control for billion dollar owners.

3. TJ Yeldon RB

Do the Bills need a running back with Fred Jackson and Bryce Brown signed for next year? I would say so. Fred Jackson will become the Bills running backs coach any day now, and Bryce Brown has fumbled twice this offseason. Yeldon has some fumble issues of his own apparently, but in the second round, he’s the best, and likeliest option.

4. Hau’oli Kikaha DE

I really wanted to include Vic Beasley on this list, but after his excellent combine, the dream is over. I like Hau’oli Kikaha, if only because of a Youtube video entitled, Hau’oli Kikaha – Sackmaster. The soundtrack features the following lyrics.

Standing in the hall of fame (yeah)
And the world’s gonna know your name (yeah)
‘Cause you burn with the brightest flame (yeah)
And the world’s gonna know your name (yeah)
And you’ll be on the walls of the hall of fame

Not sure if he’s a hall of fame-r, but I’m pretty sure “The Sackmaster” would look competent on a line with Dareus, and the Williams’ brothers.

BONUS: Kikaha sports a mane reminiscent of Troy Polamalu.



5. Garrett Grayson QB

Originally I left quarterback off this list, but I changed my mind. None of the quarterbacks available in the 2nd deserve a selection this high, but this list felt empty without involving a quarterback.

Let’s say the Bills are dead set on taking a quarterback in the second round, and Grayson, Petty, and Hundley are available, the Bills should take Garrett Grayson. Petty and Hundley might be better fits under, what we think, is Greg Roman’s preference for mobile quarterback. If Roman doesn’t actually have a preference, and wants a changeup off the bench. With Grayson, the Bills have an option if the mobile EJ Manuel can’t Hackett next season.


Podcast Episode 11: “Runs Good Routes”

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Super early NFL draft talk!

Who better to talk draft than with Alex Jones, aka Bills Draft guru. Last time I had him on the podcast, we recorded an entire episode of material that became largely irrelevant because of Doug Marrone’s hasty exit from One Bills Drive. That won’t happen this time — the draft isn’t until late April.

Check out Alex’s work at buffalowdown.

Talking points: 

  • Leonard Williams 1st overall?  (10 seconds in)
  • Marriota concerns. (3 minutes in)
  • Will Vic Beasley fall to the 2nd round? (6 minutes in)
  • What if Amari Cooper falls to the Falcons? (9 minutes in)
  • TJ Yeldon vs. Bryce Brown (22 minutes in)
  • The NSA listens to our podcast. (21 minutes in)
  • Who would the Bills take if they still had their first rounder, according to Alex Jones. (25 minutes in)
  • We talk about Doug Marrone making a staffer cry. (33 minutes in)
  • Be gone Chris Hogan. (37 Minutes in)
  • The Bills need a big receiving option at WR or TE. (43 minutes in)

* Any clips used in the podcast are fair use. I make absolutely no money off this podcast — actually lose some, really.

First Round Mock Draft (Sort Of) 1.0

First Round Mock Draft (Sort Of) 1.0
Nancy JI/The Varsity

Nancy JI/The Varsity


At some point I will go to the trouble of coming up with a full 32 picks worth of metaphysical certitude. For now, I’m going to stick with the first 10 picks, plus who the Bills would take if they still had the 19th pick.

1. Tampa Bay Buccanneers take… DT/DE Leonard Williams

What I’m thinking:

Tampa Bay talk themselves out of Jameis Winston and Marcus Marriota.

But why?:

Lovie Smith may have a bad qb fetish. Rex Grossman? Kyle Orton? Josh McCown? I won’t go into Jay Cutler; that’s a Pandora’s box. Considering that, Leonard Williams makes sense. Williams could solidify Tampa’s pass rush, while satisfying Lovie’s lust.

2. Tennessee Titans take… Jameis Winston

What I’m thinking:

Word out of Titan’s camp has them sticking with Zach Mettenburger over Marriota — and the rumours are probably true. I’m thinking that changes if Winston is on the board.

But why?:

I cannot foresee a circumstance where Ken Whisenhunt passes up Winston, because the talented qb is exactly the type he built his career on. Winston is often compared to Roethlisberger skill wise. Both are big, mobile, and have a natural feel for passing. It seems like a no-brainer.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars take… DE/OLB Randy Gregory

What I’m thinking:

David Caldwell isn’t as dumb as Pat Healy, asks his secretary to ignore all calls.

But why?

The Jags defense showed a lot of promise last year, but could use a playmaker to take it to the next level. The temptation will be there to trade the pick — considering the Rams, Eagles, Texans, etc. could be driving the price up to get Marriota. The Jaguars are far from done their rebuild, so an extra pick or two could be useful, but I bet they say fuck it and take the potential superstar in Gregory. With Gregory, and some free agent pickups, the Jags defense could be in for a top-10 finish in DVOA.

4. Oakland Raiders take… Kevin White

What I’m thinking:

Raiders prove their belief in Derek Carr, and take the Al Davis style receiver, Kevin White.

But Why?

When Al Davis was still alive, his draft philosophy was pretty simple: get athletes. It’s not the worst strategy if you have the right pieces in places. And, if you don’t, Darrius Heyward-Bey happens. Just to make it clear, I don’t think Kevin White is a bust in the making, so much as he’s a high risk high reward pick. Like Heyward-Bey, he doesn’t have a long history of production, but has a special combination of speed/size. The talent’s there, and it will be up to Del Rio and Derek Carr to not Heyward-Bey this pick.

5. St. Louis Rams take… QB Marcus Marriota.

What I’m thinking:

The Rams front office feel the pressure and trade up to the Washington Stupid White Men’s pick. I’m thinking the Rams first and second rounder, and fourth rounder should do it.

But why?

Outside of the obvious narrative, this trade makes sense for both teams. Washington needs talent and realizes there is no one available at this point who moves the needle in the way Leonard Williams and Randy Gregory do. St. Louis on the other hand, admits sending all those draft picks to the coin toss without Teddy Bridgewater was painfully oblivious.

6. New York Jets take… DE/OLB Dante Fowler Jr.

What I’m thinking:

With Marriota and Winston off the board, the Jets decide solidify their defense, instead of going for a much-needed playmaker.

But why?

The Jets have needed a playmaker for years now, but their defense could use some help. As great as their line is, the rest of their defense does not give it justice. Adding a versatile linebacker to the mix will make the d-line and secondary better.

7. Chicago Bears take… DE/OLB Shane Ray.

What I’m thinking:

John Fox promises his new employers a top-1o defense if they can get him a pass rushing linebacker.

But why?

This one is just obvious. Fox has made chicken whatever into good defenses for years now. A pick like Shane Ray makes it just a little easier for the Macguyver of NFL head coaching.

8. Atlanta Falcons take… WR Amari Cooper

What I’m thinking:

The Falcons need pass rushers, but this draft is full of them, and decide to go for the best player available in the first round.

But WTF?

I realize the Falcons already have Roddy White and Julio Jones, but the former isn’t what he used to be. The Falcons were at their best with Julio and Roddy at full strength, but full strength might not be a thing Roddy can give from hereon in.

Amari Cooper could bring the Falcons back to that high-octane offense in no time. Cooper is the perfect fit alongside Julio Jones. Cooper, long described as a Reggie Wayne-type, would take advantage of the downfield coverage Julio Jones sees.

9. New York Giants take… OT Brandon Scherff.

What I’m thinking:

The Giants take an offensive lineman to give Eli Manning more time to throw to Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr.

But why?

I found it rather odd how Odell Beckham’s success wasn’t attributed to the man throwing him the ball. Adding a left tackle will further obscure Eli Manning’s role in the sophomore receivers success.

10. Washington Stupid White Men take… SS Landon Collins.

What I’m thinking:

The Stupid White Men add a playmaking strong safety to their joke of a roster and organization.

But why?

The Stupid White Men could go in a lot of directions with this pick. At this point the best pass rushers are taken, the Stupid White Men take a playmaker they can move around all over the field.


19. Buffalo Bills take… OT TJ Clemmings.

What I’m thinking:

The Bills elect to wait to the 2nd round to replace Jerry Hughes, and go with TJ to solidify right tackle.

But why?

Considering the Bills pick isn’t high enough to trade into the top 5, Cleveland doesn’t get their qb of the future.

All unnecessary potshots aside, the Bills in this scenario, do the right thing and make a problem area better.  Now EJ Manuel has more time to throw to Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin.* Sure they could fill it in free agency, and coach up the line, but TRADING PICKS IS BAD. ALWAYS. I HAVE THE SAME OPINION AS EVERYONE ELSE.

*The Bills cut Odell Beckham after Doug Marrone is unable to get along with him. Something about him wearing his hat backwards.

Did Doug Marrone Get Chan Gailey A Job?

I, for one, have been speculating for weeks whether the Jets would hire an ex-Bills coach — I even went as far as saying it was a foregone conclusion. But I’m not taking any credit for the Jets hiring Chan Gailey. If anything, Doug Marrone should.

The last time we saw Chan Gailey he was the head coach of the Buffalo Bills. Like Doug Marrone, he hand his fingerprints all over the offense. Those fingerprints lead to CJ Spiller’s breakout season 2012. Of course, that wasn’t enough for Bills fans — myself included. We ran him out-of-town for a variety of reasons. The only irrational one, it turns out, was his usage of CJ Spiller.

Spiller gained over 1,700 yards all-purpose yards in 2012, but that wasn’t enough for fans, who yearned for CJ to get the ball more. Marrone’s offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett promised to run Spiller until he pukes. They lied and ran him up the middle until he suffered a high ankle sprain.

You probably know what I’m getting at right now. Maybe Chan Gailey can’t cut it as a head coach, but Marrone’s hatchet job on CJ Spiller illuminated Gailey’s ability to get the most out of offensive talent.

As for Gailey’s successor, he can’t even get an offensive coordinator gig of his own.


Podcast Episode 10: “Royal Super Bowl Rumble”

To listen to the first half of this episode, click here.

Bonus Super Bowl episode! In this episode, Alex and I, predict various aspects of the Super Bowl, none of which will come true. And if anything we say does happen, the end is nigh people.

To listen to past episodes click here.

Talking points: 


  • “Who is the first Seattle Seahawk to intercept a ball and report that it is underinflated?”  (1 minute in)
  • I take the Ludlum approach. (3 minutes in)
  • Alex asks me if i’ve ever watched The Wire. Instead of just saying yes, I respond, I’ve watched all five seasons twice. I’m that guy at a party who tries to convince you to borrow my box set. (5 minutes in)
  • Roger Goodell gets assassinated. (11 minutes in)
  • We try to figure out whether Russell Wilson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Tom Delonge are freemasons. (16 minutes in)
  • Tom Brady, trophy girlfriend. (24 minutes in)
  • The NSA listens to our podcast. (21 minutes in)

* Any clips used in the podcast are fair use. I make absolutely no money off this podcast — actually lose some, really.

Podcast Episode 9: “They Go Into This Ball Touching Room.”


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This week’s podcast will be split into two parts because Alex, and I, just talked way too much for one episode. In the first part, we do the inevitable, and delve into deflategate briefly. You’ll be happy to know that by delve into, we mostly make immature ball jokes, and offer multi-layered conspiracy theories. As for actual Buffalo Bills talk, we compare Mike McCarthy to Doug Marrone, as well as eviscerate Jason La Canfora.

Check back Thursday for our Super Bowl prediction episode. We may, or may not, actually talk about the game.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

Talking points: 

  • We get deflategate out of the way.  (45 seconds in)
  • Richard Sherman validating conspiracy theorists. (1 minutes in)
  • My favourite topic: spygate (4 minutes in)
  • I outline my Chris Mortensen deflategate conspiracy. (12 minutes in)
  • “They inspected both balls with equal amounts of vigour.” We just talk about balls for a while. 14 minutes in)
  • I refer to Pete Carroll as a sexy grandfather. (24 minutes in)
  •  We talk about Mike McCarthy, compare him to Doug Marrone. (25 minutes in)
  •  (15 Minutes in)
  • Jason La Canfora’s ungoing quest to prove his lack of credibility. (37 Minutes in)
  • I bring up Trent Edwards obvs. (43 Minutes in)

* Any clips used in the podcast are fair use. I make absolutely no money off this podcast — actually lose some, really.

What If…. Jameis Winston Fell to the Bills

This is a guest post from Alex Karzis, the co-host of the Emails From Doug Whaley podcast.

Now before you scoff at me and label me crazy (because I’d like you to get to know me a little more before you do that) just humour me, if you will, on what Jameis Winston slipping to the Bills would mean to this organization.

First of all, let’s get the “impossibility” thoughts out of your brain. Winston, after only two years of college football, has been involved in his fair share of scandals. Despite already being a professional athlete in many ways already, Winston’s behaviour shows he doesn’t realize how close he is to becoming an NFLer. A much-publicized Sexual Assault case, stealing a soda from a burger king (seriously look it up), or that he didn’t yell out a gratuitous viral Internet meme at a Seminole rally. Winston has proven, through his past actions, that he is simply not at a maturity level that is expected of a professional athlete. Winston may just be the most talented athlete in the draft, but he isn’t infallible.

In 2014, Winston followed up his Heisman winning campaign with a stellar sophomore effort, but he didn’t quite light the world on fire in the same way. Winston’s numbers didn’t slip much — 3,907 passing yards instead of 4,057 in his first season. The thing is, the dip in production captured expert’s imaginations, inspiring scouting reports attacking his weaknesses and character flaws. Not helping things is the squeek-y clean, Marcus Marriota. Marcus Mariota is a fantastic college quarterback, and could very well turn into a great NFL quarterback, but you can say the same thing about Jameis Winston. The difference is, other than calling a customer at the grocery store he worked at “a fat woman,” Marriota’s record is perfect.

Out of the 15 or so different NFL mock drafts I’ve poured over (I’m a little obsessive but that’s besides the point), Winston has been projected as high as 1 and as low as 15. The reason this huge discrepancy exists is a lot of experts predict Winston won’t fair well at the combine. No one doubt’s his talent, the interviews and impressions he’ll give to NFL teams is another matter all together. In the Big Brother-esque system the NFL operates under, a standoff-ish and seemingly selfish personality like Winston’s does not project well. So the thought of him dropping does not seem as crazy as it first might appear. In the recently posted (January 19th) Mock draft done by the Wikipedia of sports journalism, Bleacher Report, they have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selecting Winston 1st. While I’ll admit that there is a possibility this happens, for the sake of this article lets just say he doesn’t.

Perhaps Mariota goes first and the Jets don’t take a quarterback, instead trade for Jay Cutler (HA!). Bleacher Report has New Orleans selecting a linebacker at 13. If the Bills overlords T-Rex, and Mr.Emailsfromdougwhaley himself, create a generous package of picks, including the 2016 first rounder, along with another pick in the current draft and Kiko Alonso, that should be enough for Darth Goodell to announce that, “with the 13th pick in the NFL draft, the Buffalo Bills select, from Florida State, Jameis Winston.”  What ensues is me throwing out my “I hate Rex Ryan” t-shirt, and I start researching how plausible it would be for me to move to Buffalo — and not live under the poverty line.

But in all seriousness, I don’t think this scenario is far from absolutely insane. With Rex as the coach, it would provide perhaps the biggest home run the Buffalo Bills could ever hit. Ryan is a very dominating presence within his team and his organization. With Ryan’s presence, Winston would be faced with either learning the Ryan way or not playing. With the discipline Ryan would bring, and the already established offensive schemes Greg Roman could draw up for Winston, the Bills already have a significantly better offense than they have had in many, many years. Couple that with being able to be flexible with Jerry Hughes due to the switch to 3-4, and a linebacking core that showed it was perfectly fine without Alonso anyway, Winston would represent an actual reason to be hopeful for the franchise.

Often times in sport, fans are unreasonable about their expectations of their teams due to the inability to separate the unconditional love they have for the team, from the real story at hand. The Bills going into the season as of right now have very little excitement on the offensive front. Greg Roman is well respected, and I do believe that he could improve this offense quite a bit, but the fact of the matter remains that Football teams generally live and die with their quarterback. Sure Seattle has the Legion of Boom, but no one on planet earth could explain to me how Russell Wilson isn’t leaps and bounds ahead of EJ Manuel who seems like quarterback de facto for the Bills at this point. Winston would not only provide competition within the Bills roster, but he would bring an attitude of winning, and a real and genuine distaste for losing. 9 wins was big for Buffalo, but replace Manuel/Orton with Winston and I don’t think it’s unthinkable to perceive 3 more wins on top of those 9. If Jameis Winston somehow wound up in Buffalo, it would be a good thing. A very, very, good thing.